Mod Premium Natural Eco Camera Strap Review


About the Company & Product:
Mod is a mother & daughter owned business creating designer camera straps and accessories, fashioned from a handpicked variety of fabrics, colors and textures.

Are you a fan of the 3 R’s of green living? Looking for an eco-chic product that’ll be sure to make your friends green with envy? Mod’s new ECO Straps are sure to satisfy your need for a green alternative to a mass produced, foreign-made camera strap. ECO Straps are made in the USA from upcycled billboard vinyl; when the big businesses are done sending their message on the side of the highway, we’re ready to reclaim and repurpose.

All ECO Straps are approximately 40% post-consumer material and come in a variety of designs. ECO straps are one-of-a-kind since our materials are recycled billboards, so we offer a few color pallets to choose from: vivid, neutral or white and as OUR momma always says, “Our straps are like a box of crayons, you never know what color you’re gonna get!”

Premium: The Premium ECO Strap is repurposed vinyl on one side and plush minky on the other with genuine leather, quick release ends.
• Genuine leather ends & durable webbing throughout, quick release ends.
• Tested to withstand up to 70 lbs.
• Lined with Minky Cuddle Plush for ultimate comfort.
• Decorative portion of the strap is 33” & the total adjustable length is approximately 42”-48”, width is approximately 1.75”

What I Thought:
Most of the dslr camera straps that I have seen are the standard black nylon, not very comfortable or stylish. I was happy to find Mod, their straps are very stylish and comfortable.

The old camera strap was hard & scratchy against my neck. The mod strap with it’s minky cuddle plush is soft, pliable, cushioned and caused less neck strain.

Where to Buy
You can buy Mod Premium Natural Eco Straps (and their whole line of camera accessories) at

How to Win:
You can win a Mod Premium Natural Eco Strap by entering my Toast to 2012 giveaway ending Jan 17.

**I received product to review. However, all opinions are my own.

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