The importance of good car floor mats

My dad bought me my first car, a 1978 Chevy Chevette, when I was 17. It was a great little car and only had one major flaw. There was a hole in the passenger side floor the size of a softball. My car’s nickname was the Flintstone’s Car, because you could in theory stick your foot out of the hole.

All my friends thought it was neat to watch the road pass under the car whenever we went somewhere. There was always a fight to see who got the privilege of riding in the passenger seat to watch through the hole. It was a whole different story when it was raining, snowing, or you were driving down a gravel road. Then whoever was sitting in the passenger seat would get soaked (or pelted) by all the water, slush and rocks coming up through the hole. Plus, there was always the risk of something falling out of the car. I quickly realized that I needed to get a good set of car floor mats.

So, I scraped together the money (remember I was a teenager) and bought my first set of cat floor mats to protect my passengers. I got the one’s with the thick rubber backing, mainly because they were stiffer than some of the other ones and would not get sucked out the hole. Now no matter the weather or road conditions, my passengers would always be protected.

I have learned that the most important accessory you can buy for any new (or old) car is the best set of car floor mats that you can afford.

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